I take it you are here because you don’t have the best relationship with money and you have decided that this is the day you are going to change that.

Woo! Yes, I remember my own very “I have had enough!” day and gosh it feels good to take back your power and stop letting money rule your thoughts and life.

But you may also have other stuff going on effecting your empowerment and mindset, and don’t worry we do get to all that stuff, but first…money.

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Please kindly note that I am not a financial adviser. I am the mentor/ support/ guidance you need way before that. I help you understand how and why you have got where you have and how to stop it from ever happening again. I hold a space for you to listen without judgement and hold you accountable for taking practical and positive steps towards rebuilding your relationship with money - what ever that looks like for you. Finally, once your money mindset is healthy, I coach you through other areas of your life that need attention so you can start to live life with a content heart and rested mind.


Work with me

Step one

Understand that you are here because you have realised your relationship with your money is affecting your mindset in all areas of your life and it is time to help you get your power back.

Step two

Book a FREE 15 mins consultation call with me so I can make sure I am the right woman to help you on your journey (for now email me verity@theseasaltplan.com to do that)

Step three

Choose the package you would like

Money on your mind £96 | 90 mins session

Just money £369 | one month payment plans available

Money and more £969 | three months payment plans available

Step four

Acknowledge that from this day forward you are on the path of becoming a woman who knows her money, understands her soul and achieves a content heart.

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I am currently taking on only a few 121 clients due to my commitment to courses, collaborations and training that I am carrying out myself. I have spots randomly appear when I have the time so if you would like one, drop me a message and we can discuss options. Thanks lovely x