32% off for 32 hours

From 4pm GMT 16 July to midnight 17 July

Take your pick from my services below and remember

- you get a FREE introductory call (30 mins that I have added to the packages)

- I work with women around the world but if you are local (Fylde) we can meet in person

- payment plans are available

- there will not be another offer like this for another 12 months!

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My services

Dip your toes in the pool of the inner you

Perfect if you are new to working with a mindset coach or have something specific you want to resolve (examples from past clients - a fear that is stopping them from following a dream or effecting their day to day life, self-confidence, self-acceptance, just lost and disconnected).

1 x 30 mins, 1 x 90 mins, 1 x 30 mins WAS £240 NOW £163.20

30 days to understand your heart, soul and hidden mind 

You are serious about improving your life. Like, you are over living the way you are now. You may be happy in some areas and not in others or everything may just be not what or where you imagined you would be. You're a smart woman with an open mind and want to explore how understanding your mind (and heart later down the line) can bring you pure joy in every day life.

1 x 90 mins session, 3 x 30 mins, 1 x 1 hour WAS £432 NOW £293.76

Your full discovery of the woman within (3 months)

Imagine if by the time winter has come you will be a totally different woman. Inside. You will have discovered and removed your mental blocks, you will have replaced them with positive daily habits, you will have done so much inner work that the path you should walk on to bring you true fulfilment is so damn clear and you will finally feel like you are living the life you deserve. You will still be that smart, rational woman, but will have reconnected with your divine feminine. You will have added a gentleness into your life in all ways; pace, energy, outlook. And you will have been kept accountable throughout the entire time, so results and a content heart are the only option.

1 x 90 mins session, 10 x 30 mins, 1 x 1 hour WAS £1111 NOW £755.48

the story to go with the image...

I got my dress designed and handmade in Hội An, Vietnam whilst I spent 2 months travelling this country plus Cambodia and India.

By the time I reached my 30th birthday, I had had a crazy 18 months.

I was in a near fatal car crash,

I lost someone I loved dearly to cancer,

I had an operation heavy on the mind and heart,

I had walked away from a 10 year relationship,

I had lived in about 7 different places,

I had been granted a 4 month career break from my London-based marketing role…

And then I stopped and breathed.

And realised I had no clue who I was anymore.

The past two years have seen me build my heart-led business as the founder of the SEASALT plan (mental wellbeing practise), mindset coach and women’s circle facilitator. I have done a ridiculous amount of inner work so I can fully understand who I am and so I can help women become who they truly deserve to be.

I am a SMART woman who only works with other smart women; those who enjoy using both their head and heart (or want to, but need help with the latter) and combining their masculine and feminine energies (I am a girly girl who has adored this World Cup!).

To celebrate my 32nd birthday I am offering 32% off all my services for 24 hours.

I work with women all over the world to help them remove any mind blocks, practice daily positive mindset habits, reconnect with who they truly are and get them on a path to living a fulfilling life.

It’s all based on logic, with sprinkles of spirituality and I am there to support your exploration along the way.

Today is the day to mere stop existing in this world, stop putting your dreams on hold, stop hiding your true self, stop relying on external factors for happiness, stop making excuses, stop allowing fear to stop you...and START ACTUALLY LIVING.