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Take control of your mental wellbeing

Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today 

10 steps. 20 minutes per month. A better quality of life for forever.

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The plan

  • 10 steps, which you will learn at the pace of one per month (recommended you will get all 10 steps at once though)
  • 1 x 20 minute video each month to teach you about the step and how to simply build it into your everyday life
  • All logic based steps that are easy to apply. No meditation required
  • Steps include stop worrying, live in the moment, be thankful and preserving your energy
  • You will learn about the subject, how to build it in to your everyday life, how to notice its effects and how to maintain a new, positive habit
  • Learn how to think differently, cope more effectively with what life throws at you and stop being weighed down by things that do not matter
  • I have built this plan from my heart, learn more about me to understand why
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the Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today plan