10 steps


1. Breathe

Learn how to use your breath as a control mechanism in your daily life especially useful for those with anxiety

2. Share your smile

Changing lifelong habits can be difficult so we start with something this simple to enable you to understand how you best work with positive mindset implementation

3. Rest your head

This where we explore mindfulness (which is simply awareness) and step onto meditation if the desire is there recommended for those who are lost or suffer with overwhelm/ being busy/ playing many roles in life

4. Stop worrying

We work through the things that take over your mind on a daily basis and understand if we can turn them into concern and renew your mental energy


5. Preserve your energy

This is all about learning how you can take your mind from overdrive to calm and actually be more focused, achieve more and feel naturally more awake.

6. Be present

My mantra and the core of my being. We put into practise this act to allow your every day to be more fulfilling and be the foundation to the other steps.


7. Reason for everything

Exploring your philosophy of life, we see where we can place this amongst both past events you still try to digest and future precautions.

8. Practise gratitude

Delving into the many layers of gratitude practise and the reasons behind it, creating a routine that has multitudes of benefits for you

9. Beauty in everything

This is where we strip our reliance on the external and material and learn how to gain happiness from both within and the simplicty of life.

10. Listen to your heart

Where our divine feminine flourishes and you tap into your intuition and uncover your true destination in life.