The perfect stepping stone to help you to start looking after your mental wellbeing TODAY

20 minutes prep per month, then simply intergrate into your every day

Why is it called the SEASALT plan?

Because it’s short for the Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today plan.

Are you

  • tired of the work, eat, sleep repeat cycle you are living and have been for as long as you can remember?
  • sleeping OK but feel mentally exhausted by the end of each day?
  • someone who enjoys exercising their body, and know you should exercise your mind, but the whole meditation/ mindfulness/ yoga thing puts you off and you don’t know where to make a rational start?

Did you say YES?

Let's go to the World Health Organisation for a definition;

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

Does this describe you?

Or do you know that person is in you and need support and guidance in bringing them out?

Who is it for?

Someone who...

  • feels like life is passing them by a little and know that life should be more fulfilling than it currently is
  • puts a lot of reliance on external factors such as material goods/ friendship groups/ the world being a sane place to live in, and wants to take a bit more control of their happiness within them
  • easily turns to binge eating/ alcohol/ drugs when life isn’t going the way they want it and don’t like the effect this is having on them; health/ appearance/ others judging wise
  • has a bookshelf full of books to help them become a better person but NO TIME TO READ THEM.

Wondering what the hell is going on in the world at the moment?

BREXIT, Trump, the demise of the NHS, natural disasters destroying small pockets of the world – it’s not great, is it?And there is no knowing when (or if – fingers crossed!) it will get better. This is why it is so important that we take control of our own mental wellbeing so we are not relying on external factors for happiness and fulfilment. All it takes is awareness and practise. Improve your mental wellbeing in 20 minutes a month with the SEASALT plan.

Want a glimpse at the type of quality content I produce?

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What exactly is the SEASALT plan?

It is a plan/ online course/ video teaching series to help you Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today.

Delivered using an advanced, easy-to-use and responsive online platform (Teachable) you receive step by step (there are 10) and supporting materials, when you pay the one-off fee of £97/$128. It is recommended to do one step a month. The time commitment to watch the video, prepare for the next 30 days and read through the supporting materials is no more than 20 minutes per month.

The aim is for you to learn about a step (basically, a positive habit) then incorporate it into your everyday life. As simple as that. After 30 days the step you have practised will start to become a positive habit in your life and you will start to notice its effect and results.

All logical. All easy to apply. All tried and tested. No religion or spiritual belief required (but most welcome also!).

PS I am a bit of a spirit junkie myself but I wanted this plan to be accessible to all so have kept it simple and logical.

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Are you saying...

I am not sure about learning this stuff online, I may just buy a book…

You could easily buy some fantastic books on all the subjects that I cover in the plan. Let’s say they average around £6.50 ($8.50) from Amazon and 350 pages each. That would set you back £65 ($85) – probably double if you go to your local book store – and each book would take around 7 hours to read if you are average to good, so that is 70 hours of reading. On average, I read about 30 mins on weekday and an hour at the weekend. Let’s say other’s read more – maybe 7 hours per week. So it would take you 10 weeks of reading every day to get through all the books.

I LOVE books and encourage reading at any opportunity, but this course is for people who...

  • have little spare time and most certainly don’t have a spare hour a day to read, no matter how much they desire to

  • want to take action, NOW, today and don't want to have to wait to read an entire book for just one positive habit
  • would like to explore the surface of many different mental wellbeing techniques first so they can dive in further with a book purchase once they know which they want to understand more of
  • want the support of a private online community - for many reasons - including encouragemnt and accountability.
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Why is it so cheap?

I want to make this plan accessible to as many people as possible hence why I am charging the price that I am. Everyone’s perception of money if different but I believe the price I am currently charging is feasible for most people who come across the plan, in terms of an investment in their wellbeing.

Why is it so expensive?

Firstly, it is a known fact that a cheaper item is normally attributed with less dedication and commitment. Think of a gym membership…£20 a month – even if you just go twice, you will get your monies worth. £75 a month – you are pretty determined to go twice a week. Whoever purchases this course – I need their dedication or it won’t work for them, hence the price point.

Secondly, once the plan is established my aim is to gift the course to those who are unable to afford it but who would benefit hugely from it. I will begin to work with larger organisations to source individuals who fall into this category. I do hope those that are reading this are privileged enough to be able to afford to invest in their mental wellbeing and those who are not – please keep in touch – and I will launch the gifting system as soon as I possibly can.

I am from a poor, working class town in England and understand the importance of supporting those who are unable to support themselves. Education is the foundation of everything.

Why dedicate 20 minutes a month to the SEASALT plan?

  • In one year’s time you will have fully, or be well on your way to, integrating positive habits into your every day. From worrying less, to enjoying the moment more and finding happiness in the most mundane/ darkest moments. You will be living a more positive life and a more fulfilling one
  • You will feel lighter, more aware of the world around you, brighter and more able to cope with tricky situations
  • You will be mentally stronger and have an ability to pick and choose from your new ‘mind toolkit’ whenever you need a bit of support.

The SEASALT plan is the perfect solution if you want to...

  • make a positive change to your life today
  • take control of your life
  • feel more fulfilment and happiness on a daily basis
  • stop relying on external factors
  • be more aware of your own world
  • cherish life and get the best out of it
  • be the best version of yourself
  • achieve all of this with little time commitment.

Want to know more about me?

I am a mental wellbeing guru (I would say 30 years of challenging life experience allows me this title!).

Brought up in a poor, working class town in England, I have carved out for myself a life that was not imaginable given the world I was born into. I have battled my entire life with challenges including bullying, anxiety, parent’s divorcing, near fatal car crashes, losing people I love to cancer, walking away from an almost 10-year relationship, breaking bones (and that is about 35% of what I have been through).

It’s been a tough ride but I am truly blessed because it’s allowed me to develop incredible mental wellbeing skills that kept me alive during my ‘horrible year’ when I had 4 life changing moments happen in the space of 12 months. A marketer by trade, I have decided to step away from a decade long career, to develop the SEASALT plan so I can help others with their own mental wellbeing.

The plan is the brainchild of three decades of life learning, reflecting on the learning and joining the dots to figure out how the hell I wasn’t crushed by a year that should have easily ended me (I am thankful everyday it didn’t). I wanted to put it in something that was accessible, easy to learn and available to all regardless of religious or spiritual belief.


This course is 100% from my heart 


the SEASALT plan in 5 lines

  • The thing 10 steps = 10 logical and positive habits to weave into your every day life

  • The doing 20 minutes video watching each month through a safe and responsive platform via laptop, phone or tablet

  • The outcome to gently but powerfully improve the way you view and react to life enabling you to be more fulfilled and develop a stronger mind

  • The cost from £97/ $128 with payment plans available

  • I think 4 lines should do it...


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