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Don't go!

I know you're probably thinking,

  • is this really for me?
  • can I afford to invest £53 when I am being really careful with money?
  • will I sign up and just not bother doing it?

We can't answer those questions for you, only you can, but what we can say is that we think you ended up here for a reason and that the Universe is giving you a sign that now is the perfect time to sort out your relationship with money.

This course is worth over £500 and we are offering it for £53 (divine number!) because it is our first time of delivering this invaluable content in group format and so we hope you forgive us if our live stream freezes or the full moon ritual goes over time! We are learning just like you, but in different areas. Hence the one-off price of £53 to crease out any teething problems BUT the content is exactly the same if we charged you £53 or £500!

Don't miss this chance to finally figure our your relationship with money and make it better and cause less stress in your life.

And just drop up an email if you have any questions you need answering!