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Have you ever thought about your relationship with money?

Maybe you have some debt, always save but never spend or maybe you are a little in the middle and you always end up spot on £0 at the end of each month?


Making money your friend is a 31 day course led by women’s empowerment and mindset coach, Verity, and spiritual healer, Kim. Between them they combine both a practical and spiritual approach to enable women to

  • understand their current blocks/ challenges with money,

  • where these may have come from, how to release them,

  • how to become friends with their current financial situation (no matter how scary that is) and

  • how to have a more abundant future.

This is a guided course. You will be part of a supportive group where you can ask questions and get advice every day of the course. If you struggle with willpower or sticking to things and need accountability to get your bum into gear, this is the place to be.

Course options

Are you….

  • Someone who doesn’t have a good relationship with money,

  • Or maybe you have never thought about it but you always seem to have money struggles,

  • Or maybe you are a bit oblivious to your money and don’t really have any relationship at all with it?

From budgeting to belief, angels to assets and feng shui to financial plans, Kim and Verity will day-by-day help you rebuild your relationship with money.

This course is aimed at women who want to make money their friend...

  • who want to understand their money better,

  • who want to spend/ save in a healthier way,

  • who want to understand their blocks and negative cycles when it comes to money,

  • who want to attract more of it into their lives.

Course options

We are looking to attract women to this course who are serious about sorting their relationship with money out once and for all. Women who want the practical side of things (budgeting, understanding your cash flow, mindset) with the spiritual (feng shui, angels, manifesting) and who will be committed to be present in the supportive group everyday for 31 days and implement the lessons and teachings.


Not having a good relationship with money can cause huge amounts of stress and unworthiness. This course is your first step to living a life with a content heart and power when it comes to your finances. We want you to smile everyday!


Tell me more about the course...

Starting with the new moon on 9th October the course will run over 31 days until the new moon in November.

It costs just £53 for the entire course and we are expecting it to sell out quickly as this is the lowest price we will ever offer this course.

This is a guided course. We will be in the group everyday with new content or answering questions. You will not be left to do this alone.

31 days to making money your friend

Days 1-10

Module 1

Understanding your current relationship with money

- ins and outs and budgeting

- identifying mindset blocks

- setting goals and vision boards

- new moon ritual

- introduction to Feng shui and angels

- live Q and A's

- meditations

Days 11-20

Module 2

Improving your relationship with money


- working with the physical presence of money

- stop ignoring money in your life

- mindset work

- full moon ritual

- feng shui and angels, the next steps

- live Q and A's

- meditations

Days 21-31

Module 3

Inviting more money into your life


- reviewing your work so far

- the art of manifesting

- creating positive habits and mindset

- new moon ritual

- introduction to Feng shui and angels

- live Q and A's

- meditations

Course options


How will this course be delivered?

All content will be delivered in a private Facebook group through a variety of live videos and workbooks/ sheets.

Who leads the course?

Verity is a women’s empowerment and mindset coach and founder of the SEASALT plan. She works with women to help them understand what is stopping them from truly living their life and forming a connection with their inner-self to find true fulfillment.

Kim is a spiritual healer who has helped many clients by working with angels, cards and feng shui. She wants those who work with her to take power of their paths and to truly live the life that they are meant to.

Why is it quite cheap?

This is the first time we have run this course so we are offering it at a much lower price to future versions to allow us to . It is also £53 because this is a divine number!

When does it start?

On the 9th October in line with the new moon and ends the following new moon, 31 days later.

What if I am out one night and miss the live?

Don’t worry everything is recorded and you can watch it in your own time


Imagine if by Christmas you could have a full understanding of your relationship with your money and be on your way to a more content and abundant life.

Course options

You will get...

  • A private space where you can talk about money

  • 31 days of direct support through the Facebook group

  • A tonne of valuable content that you will have full access too

  • Spreadsheets, templates, meditations, workbooks, affirmations and lots more for your to keep when the course has finished

  • Lots of new things to learn, both practical and spiritual, that you can apply to other areas of your life.

The full value of this course and content is £500


Please note, Verity and Kim are not financial advisors, they are simply on a mission to help women understand their relationship with money, improve it and teachings tips and techniques that can help you attract more. Through personal experiences and working with female clients, they understand the effects a bad, or non-existent, relationship with money can have on someone’s mind, body and soul and want to support women to take back their power when it comes to money.