Full moon ritual

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Gift yourself 30 mins
Wrap up warm and stand in the garden for 5 minutes soaking in the moon's rays (even if she is behind cloud) and whispering gratitude to her. Absorb her feminine energy and try and direct it to where your body needs some healing.
You need pen and paper. Find a peaceful place in your home with good energy. Light a candle - and incense if you like - and place around you anything that feels right (ornaments, crystals, jewellery, symbols...).
Take your pen and paper and I want you to free write a letter of forgiveness to yourself. It can be in any style you choose - random words, bullet points, phrases, paragraphs, but I want you, for 5 minutes, to simply write what comes out. This is about forgiving yourself, nobody else. It can be quite a raw exercise so let the tears flow if they want to.
I then want you to spend 5 minutes writing about things you are grateful for, in the exact same way. 
If it is safe to do so, burn these pieces of paper, and if it isn't, simply rip them into little pieces. Either way imagine the words on those pieces of paper being released from your mind, body and heart. 

Take a few moment to take some deep breathes and become grounded again.

Rituals like this can crack us open and drop in deeper to ourselves. You may have had beautiful realisations or come across uncomfortable blocks. Don’t worry, it’s natural. Drop me an email or a message on Instagram if you want to start taking small steps in your life to live, rather than merely exist.

Verity x