Mentoring sessions

January special 50% off 3 x 60 min session bundles

What I do...

I help driven women who struggle with authentically living life, rather than just existing

After we work together they are more resilient, less neurotic and more fulfilled

I do this through teaching and implementing simple, positive habits into their day to day, ultimately, ensuring their mental energy levels are sustained and not drained.

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What is mental energy?

Take a little look at this video to understand it better...

My promise to you

I promise by the end of the three sessions you will

  • Understand how you are losing and wasting mental energy
  • The opportunities you are missing out on to gain mental energy
  • How your relationship with mental energy is affecting other areas of your life
  • And be on the path to living a more fulfilled and meaningful and less draining and stressed life.
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January offer

3 x 60 minute sessions over 3 weeks

Group (max 3 women) £79 ($107)

121 £129 ($175)

Prices are the total for the entire package!

Sounds too good to be true?

All bookings in January will be honoured this price. Sessions will take place for 3 consecutive weeks, begining any date in Janaury. From Feb 1st 2018 these prices will DOUBLE.

I am offering it this low as I have fewer projects in January, so more spare time, so I can take on more clients, plus I know January is tricky money-wise with the big spend at Christmas.

I authentically want to make my service as accessible as possible as I think understanding and managing our own mental energy is vital to living our lives, rather than just existing in them.

Would you prefer a self-serve online course instead?

My 'A Taste of SEASALT' 90 day course is now available to purchase PLUS all purchases in January will get a FREE 30 min 121 session with me.

Don't wait to stop existing and start living.

Life is too precious to waste time.