Mentoring sessions

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I often get women coming to me and asking me things like;

  • How do I take control of my mental wellbeing when I can barely make time for the gym?
  • I know I should focus on my mental wellbeing, but where do I start?
  • I often overthink/ worry about the silliest of things/ feel anxious and don't want to anymore.

So, I have decided to offer mentoring sessions to all you lovely lot. We can do an one-off hour or a 3 week plan - it is totally up to you, but in these sessions I will listen to you, discuss with you and guide you on your journey to improved mental wellbeing.


Let's meet by the sea (Blackpool) or over Skype if you are anywhere else in the world.


£60 per hour

£200 for 3 sessions

If you are interested in booking or have any questions please email