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The course

  • Will start on NYD night with a short but powerful intention setting ritual

  • Daily positive quotes/ affirmations

  • Run in a Facebook group to provide a supportive community and energies

  • We ask for 15 mins a day commitment from you

  • The following range of beautiful topics will be covered….

    energy forecasts, past year reflection, moon work, meditations, inspiring poems, money mindset, gratitude practice…


Determined to make 2019 a year of authentic intention?

New Years resolutions bring with them a stigma of “not working” or just something we dream up in the magic of Christmas and new year but forget about or set ourselves up at the very start of a magical year to not achieve which sets a president for the rest of the year.

That is why Verity (empowerment coach) and Kim (spiritual healer) have created this short course for all those who want to make 2019 authentically beautiful.

With coaches and angels we can achieve our intentions and use the magic of the festivities to ignite those passions and fire them into our reality. It’s not about New Year resolutions, but an intention and commitment to step into our dreams and goals and step into a more fulfilled, abundant and peaceful life.


This is the perfect gift to yourself if you are wanting some spiritual healing and guidance in the new year or the ideal present for the person who is tricky to buy for or if you want to give them something that will stay with them forever.