How I work

Step one

Once we have had your complimentary 30 minute chat and you decide that you would like me to guide you on this next beautiful part of your journey, then I will get you to complete a survey for me. This is an opportunity for both of us to really see where and what the mental blocks are so we can begin straight away with removing them. I also ask questions that uncover blocks you may not even be aware of yourself, so there are lots of layers to the work we do together.

Step two

We always start with a 90 minute session no matter which length of time you have chosen to spend with me. In this virtual session, we will dig deep into any conscious and hidden mind blocks that came up in through the questions. A persistent block maybe covered with years of habit, resistance and fear, so we will gently tap away until you feel an ability to undo it. We will discuss the practices you will perform over the coming weeks to start removing anything that is stopping you from truly living your life with a content heart.

Step three

We are all beautifully individual and so removing blocks takes different amount of times. Once we are on our way with this though, I will introduce the steps of the SEASALT plan itself. This isn't a method you do in order, some steps are easier to achieve than others, but I will select which are the most appropriate for you in regards to your previous blocks and your future goals. the SEASALT plan is ultimately a collection of positive mindset habits that require to be practiced on a daily basis in order to turn around your mindset (and even though it sounds extreme, turn around your life).

Step four

By the time you have worked through the previous three steps, whether it was your intention or not, you will start to be getting to know the true essence of yourself. This is where we will start to work on that re-connection with your inner woman/ divine feminine. If this has you running for the hills, we can completely omit this stage and stick with the logical. But all I will say is by the time we have worked together you will feel an urge to make this connection. It's not fluffy or silly, it is who we are as women but for us to get to where we have in life, we have had to supress this part. It's now time to balance your masculine energy with your feminine and become the most rounded, beautiful, wise version of yourself.

My group programmes also work through the four steps but with a lot more onus on you being disciplined with your path