Want to sort your relationship with money out and invite more of it into your life?

Have you been learning about and implementing the law of attraction and manifesting for years now?

Have you done every 5 day challenge, listened to the guided meditations, watched the webinars, bought the books, completed the worksheets - EVERYTHING!!!

And although you may have seen lots of little things happen to help you believe in this wonderful law of the universe and not give up, when it comes to money, you haven’t really seen anything monumental?

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12th September | 6pm GMT

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I hear you girl!

I was exactly the same. I was thinking “I have done everything everyone has said you need to do to manifest more money into my life and it isn’t happening!”. Fast forward to a solo-holiday to Greece to do some inner-work and I had the lightbulb moment.

My relationship with money was rubbish. Actually, it was pretty non-existent. And I also had a lot of guilt that I needed to forgive myself for so I could move forward. No wonder the Universe wasn’t given me any more of it. I didn’t really respect my money, I wasn’t fully aware of my in’s and out’s, I used cards instead of cash, I didn’t practice gratitude for it.

So the reason all these things that amazing manifestation leaders had taught me didn’t work, wasn’t because they were talking rubbish or wasn’t because I didn’t believe I deserved more money (well, sort of) but simply, I had not done the work to make money my friend.

Imagine at a party you spotted someone you wanted to become friends with and take their valuable time and energy from them for years to come. And rather than going over, trying to start a conversation with them, finding more out about them, discovering things you have in common etc. you just went over and said Next Monday you will spend 3 hours having dinner with me, that you need to pay for half of - be there! Can you imagine the reaction! She would walk away thinking “That is not how you treat me and will certainly not be meeting you on Monday!”.

And this is exactly the same with money. We want more of it, we are frustrated we don’t have enough. But we think by continuing in our old habits and not treating money with respect and actually forming a true relationship with it we can simply ask it to show up more. It just doesn’t work like that!

In this webinar I will go through 5 steps to making friends with money and there will be time for lots of questions, so sign up above x