OK lovely, I don’t want you to waste anymore of your precious time…

I want to work with you for 90 days and help you understand what is stopping you from achieving a life of success and happiness, release your blocks, and accelerate you to the woman waiting for you in your future.

Yes, a bespoke 3 month programme to totally flip your life into the amazing.

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£2500 for 3 month bespoke 121 coaching (payment plans from £395 per month)

Your gift

You obviously get the most amazing welcome pack. PLUS the 10 women I work with in 2019 will receive a set of mala beads purchased in Rishikesh, India and hand-cleansed in the Ganges.

Things you should know before we chat;

1) This isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. We go deep. We tap into your shadows and the things that have been holding you back for possibly decades. A lot of coaches don’t release the dark stuff to make space for all the juicy, good stuff. I do, and I am fully there to support you along the way.

2) I solely work with female entrepreneurs. Why? Because I have a background of 13 years marketing experience and offer life and bizz coaching! We spend the first month focusing solely on you and then we work on you and your business alongside each other for months 2 and 3. You need to be ready to work on yourselves to build an even more beautiful business; it’s where the magic happens.

3) My programme has a structure of; release, empower, grow however the tools and techniques I use are fully bespoke to you. These can go from the super practical to the full on woo-woo. I need you to be open to try things that you may have never considered before to help accelerate you in this programme.

4) I only work with women I know I can truly help. I don’t believe in forcing you to sign up as I know the women I am destined to work with will know when it’s right too. I take on only a handful of clients each month so I can be a true, authentic coach to the women that choose to work with me.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

I want you to be sat where you are right now, in 90 days time, feeling like -

  • you have true balance in your life

  • your business is growing

  • you know yourself so much better

  • you are authentically happy

  • you trust in your path and journey.