Top 5 times I followed my heart...

Do you ever find yourself making a decision but have no idea how you came to that conclusion or why you decided to make the choice you did?

I think it's safe to say, that that is when your heart kicks in, and gives you a little helping hand in life.


Here are my top 5 times in which I followed my heart...

1) Choosing the high school I attended

I grew up in a very poor English town where the education system was very weak. I was blessed that I was intelligent enough (just about!) to be offered a free place at three of the private schools in my hometown. Two were all girls and one was co-ed. At 10 years old I made the decision that it was healthy to be educated surrounded by both boys and girls, and choose the co-ed (one of the best decisions of my entire life). 


2) Studying Fashion Marketing at University

Fashion? Me? I had hot pink, baggy, cargo pants at the age of 16 that I was incredibly proud of! I was not 'fashion'. In my final year of education I applied to 5 universities to study English. I got a C in my final mark for my English A Level and in the moment I read that letter on the piece of paper I knew I didn't want to study something that I would struggle to excel in. I took a gap year. A poor girl gap year! I worked 12 hour shifts in Marks and Spencer and did evenings at the local pub before moving into working at a call centre. I applied to do a language degree (no idea why, I am TERRIBLE at languages) at one University and Fashion Marketing at the other.

I ended up having the best three years of my life, made forever friends, found a course perfect for my equal brain balance of creativity and logic and was surrounded by beauty and celebration the whole while.

3) Not taking a job when I desperately needed it

It was towards the end of my first year at Uni. I was running out of money and my boyfriend was pushing me to get a job. I went for an interview at a new bar that was opening. It was horrible. A very male-led environment, lots of crude jokes, sexism, lack of respect. I got offered the job. I didn't tell my boyfriend, and I turned it down. A few weeks later I went for a cup of tea with a friend in this wonderful cafe. I asked for a job. I got one. I worked there for years (it is the favourite job I ever had) and the owner is now one of my closet friends - over 10 years later!!!

4) Breaking up from my ex

We should have left each other's side sooner but I don't think either of us had the nerve or strength. One day, after 9.5 years together, my mind gave full control to my heart and I ended up saying the words "I can't do this anymore!" I don't remember the words coming out of my mouth, they just fell out, pushed through by my heart. 

I am now living a life that I am meant to be and have rediscovered the woman I lost.

5)Visiting India

I had the year from hell in 2015 so was very lucky to be granted a 4 month career break from my London job. I spent two of these back home with my family, repairing myself, and the other two travelling. I had never been travelling before. I could never afford it. I couldn't really afford it when I ended up going either, but it was a must! I had never been out of Europe or USA. I had always wanted to go to Vietnam, so that started me off. Then someone said it's next door neighbour was amazing (Cambodia), so I added that to the list. Then I was deciding between Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. 

One day, my heart said, go to India. No idea why. I had never had any desire to visit that country. I knew nothing about it. The next thing I know, I have spent one month there and it was hands down the most spectacular, nourishing, magical 30 days of my life and I have never felt so at home anywhere in the world.

Sometimes the mind can over complicate things and you just need to step back and let life take you along with it's flow. Good luck x

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Verity Brown