#askverity...I am SUPER busy - help!

How do I stay sane when I work full time AND have a business on the side? 

Since starting SEASALT, I have had lots of people approach me for advice, so I have decided to start sharing the advice I give with the world, just in case it can help someone else out there too!

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I’m stressing out a bit in terms of everything I have to do, as if I have to perform well in everything and can't disappoint any one.

I get it, the pressure is on, and you HAVE to deliver. The key to this? STOP and do something you love every day and make it compulsory, not a choice. If your mind tells you “you don’t have time for that” - you have to ignore it. It’s hard at first but practice, practice, practice.

It may be calling your mum, having a bath, doing a yoga class, reading a trashy magazine, browsing through saved blog posts, watching carpool karaoke, meditating, getting lost in a novel. Whatever it may be - make sure you pencil it in every day and promise yourself you will do it. It will enable you to reset and recharge and will be of benefit to your work. 

I promise you, it may seem absurd at first, but it will make you perform better in the long run.

Also - prioritise. First of all - decide what your key objective is that week/ month. Is it to create money/ make new brand partnerships/ increase your following/ increase engagement etc. Focus on just one and dedicate 70% of your time to activities that will only help you achieve that goal. Be strict on this. This focused approach will help you see results quicker and ultimately will provide a less frantic and stressful work schedule.


Yesterday evening I was just thinking, that I've come so far and it's just silly to think about all the things I need to do, and forget about all the accomplishments of 2017! Crazy!! Never have I been so proud, but never have I been so switched on.

Why not write a blog post around being proud. Direct it at your readers, as in you want to celebrate what they are proud of and what they have achieved, but then tell your own story through this. It could be a mini 5 day challenge on Instagram or just a simple blog post. Through this you are not only realising your own achievements but you are authentically promoting your brand and hard work.

So, do you recommend a podcast, a book, an article or anything on top of meditation to let that stress go? Feeling a bit misunderstood at the moment as I see the digital world my comfort zone, full of bloggers in the same situation as me but finding it also hard to just relax!

When I was your age, 24, I could never relax. A beach holiday was my idea of hell. But now over the 30 mark, I cherish it and I actually embrace it. A card I keep pulling out of my Miracle Now cards is “Stillness is the key to success” and as crazy as that sounds, it is right. Word hard, but don’t push too much. You have to allow yourself to go with the flow of the universe a little, and things will come to you. This concept took me a long time to grasp, just think about it now and again until you’re willing to give it a go.


- Gabrielle Bernstein books

- James Wedmore podcast

- TED radio hour

- The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

- The High Low podcast

- Women who run with the wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Take care

Verity x

Verity Brown