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Who am I?

A 31 year old English woman who has had many pain points in her life. Bullying, breaking bones, near-fatal car crashes, losing loved ones, parents separation, panic attacks (that's about 30% of them - I am slowly building confidence to tell my whole truth to the world).

the things that make me smile? sunsets, stars, songs and slumbers

In 2015, I had four life changing events happen in the space of one year. Everyone asked how I remained sane and coped. I genuinely had no idea, it was enough to make me give up on life (and I was very lucky that I didn't) so I started to retrace my steps; join the dots.

By doing this I realised that every pain point (challenge) in my life, since the day I was born, had enabled me to strengthen my mind AND learn how to keep going when life is beyond comprehensible.

I realised that having had a challenging life in the first quarter of my life and having had to push and strive to get through it, I had unconsciously taught myself vital mind skills and strenghened my mind. This, ultimately, enabled me to survive an incomprehensible year; one that should have crushed all life out of me.

I created the SEASALT plan so you don't have to go through the pain of teaching yourself over three decades, like me, how to live a more fulfilled life in the now, how to build life-saving coping skills and how to let go and be thankful of the past. You can learn it all here, right now. Take control of your mental wellbeing and live the fullest life possible.

from Latin, veritas (1).png

Verity x



Kindly note, I am not a medical professional, just simply a woman who has fought her way through life and wants to share those learnings with the world x