Have you ever had a moment where you have lost yourself so much, you realised you had everything you needed inside you to be whole again?

I am Verity. Lover of minds, chaser of sunsets, practicer of being present.

In 2015 I had 4 life changing events happen to me in the space of 11 months. By December of that year, I was numb. If you had cut me in half everything would have just been air. I made it my personal mission to get to know myself again. Not the me in the mirror or the me that went to work everyday. Me. My inner self, my divine feminine. You see, I had lost her along the way in long term relationships, career promotions, other people's judgement and my own dismissal of her importance.

I now help women do the same. Women who have either never known their inner, true, soul self or those that have lost her, like I did. More about how I work with soul sisters.

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My blessing (my annus horribilis) coming soon

9 things you would never guess about me (maybe!)


Hire (higher) me

My bags are packed. I have in there my Saltwater sandals (it doesn't have to be hot for me to wear them!), my extra virgin coconut oil, my LBD (a lose, flowy kind) and my voice to carry the messages from the imprints on my heart and soul.

Where are we off to?

I am available to come to workplaces, wellbeing events, private gatherings and celebrations. I can share my voice through presentations, workshops, women's circles, inspirational speeches, poetry, demonstrations.

I am a free spirit so will come wherever you are on Mother Earth. 

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