Why am I teaching this?


Above is a snapshot of my life...

I have had a tricky 30 years. Believe me, they have been filled with joy in abundance but in equal measure they have been filled with pain.

Panic attacks, parents separating, bullying, near-fatal car crashes, 9.5 year relationship break down – and they are the more gentle painful bits…

But I feel lucky. You may think that is crazy, but I do. Because all the pain points in my life have allowed me to exercise my head - strengthen my mind - and without this, I know I wouldn’t be here right now. I had 4 life changing events happen to me in the space of 11 months in 2015. Without the mind techniques I had subconsciously taught myself in the first quarter of my life, I wouldn't have been able to cope with the layers of pain that built up in those months.

From the moment I came into this world I have been unknowingly strengthening my head (literally, I was a forceps baby, and now have a very visible frown line when I am tired!) and have been learning skills that have enabled me to feel happy and fulfilled (most of the time) and in control when things go wrong.



I am teaching this for two key reasons...

1)      I don’t want important mind skills like this to be reserved for people who read self-help books and are ‘into’ spirituality / meditation/ yoga etc. I adore all these things myself, but did learn majority of my techniques before I found a love for them. I also don't want skills like this to be only learnt, like I did, after going through continuous moments of pain in life. Everyone should have access to them because they will enable you to live a fulfilled, conscious life now and build important techniques for the future when things go wrong.

2)      Free mental health support is a huge issue in the UK, and this is resonated around the world. We unfortunately cannot rely on our health systems to service the amount of people that need them and so we need to take a little control of it ourselves. When I started to suffer from severe panic attacks when I was 25 I didn’t get treatment for 4 months from diagnosis. Little did I know then that the head habits I had taught myself during pain points that had occurred previously in my life, basically saved me during this time until I could access CBT sessions through the NHS. Mental health can effect anyone, especially in the complex world that we live in now. We need to try and take responsibility for our own minds.

Where has all this teaching come from?

I have always had a thirst for knowledge. Everything that I teach I have hand-on-heart acquired first hand from my own experiences. But through the books I have read, documentaries I have watched, TED talks I have listened too, philosophy classes I have attended; I have recognised what I practice trickle through all these things. This has enabled me to refine my teachings and deliver the course in a way that is accessible, simple and effective.