You are sick of relying on external factors to make you happy

  • ­­You­ know that there is more to life but don’t know how or where to find it?
  • You have the perfect life on the outside (career, money, house, family, relationship) but feel unfulfilled and empty inside?
  • You would love to be able to find more joy in everyday things rather than turning to tubs of ice cream/ Friday night drinks/ buying expensive and unnecessary make up to fill unhappiness voids.

It’s finally time to stop existing and start living.


Imagine a future where­:

  • You automatically feel fulfilled by the simplicity of everyday life
  • You no longer have to turn to tubs of ice cream/ Friday night drinks/ buying expensive and unnecessary make up to fill unhappiness voids within you
  • You feel more aware of the world you live in enabling you to be more clearer, content and conscious.

That is why I have created the S.E.A.S.A.L.T plan


I have been through A LOT over my 30 years. The only reason I am still here is because of mind techniques I have taught myself over this time. My therapist once joked that I have done so well in continuing with life despite everything, that I should be counselling her!

Now I have had the opportunity to look back and process WHAT I have been through and HOW I have come through it, I have realised that there are 10 key mind skills that I have developed that basically saved my life.

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I have created a 10 part online course to teach you the mind skills that are invaluable to me being able to cope with life-changing situations and feeling fulfilled even in the darkest of times.


Each part of the course is delivered via video with supporting documents.

If you carry out the course as advised then it just takes 20 minutes each month to learn each method and then the motivation and desire to incorporate this into your day to day.

This is for you if

You know life should be better than this


  • You don’t want to have to read endless self-help books/ practise meditation 3 hours a day/ turn vegan/ spend £1000’s on a mastermind camp to learn how to do that.


Each thing I teach you could easily (and people have easily) written a self-help book on it. And sure if you have the time/ motivation/ brain capacity after working a long week to absorb all of this information, then I would say that route is perfect for you.



  • Are tired at the end of your work day and between working late/ kids/ gym/ dating/ friend catch ups you have little time to read. And when you do read you just want to gently enjoy a magazine/ piece of fiction/ Sunday papers and not a heavy book that promises to change your life.
  • Have an Amazon wish list or an actual book shelf of books that you know will improve your life and you are just waiting for that really long train journey/ week off work with no plans/ when the kids turn 18 to read.




The plan is due to launch in the Summer. If you want to get exclusive access, then leave your details below.