9 things that you probably would never guess about me

1. I don't know what happiness looks like

I feel it. People ask me who my dream partner is or what my dream house looks like. Most often than not I can't put what I feel into words, but I know in my own body how my definition of happiness tastes, smells and swells. My definition of happiness? A content heart.

2. I used to be a huge tomboy

That's right. I played rugby in primary school, would always be wearing combat trousers and didn't touch make-up until about 16. I suppressed my girliness (define feminine) because I didn't know what the heck to do with her (this is how powerful our inner woman is). I wanted to be seen as intelligent and smart and felt the only way I could do this was to purely operate from my masculine side. 

3. I went on two dates when I travelled in India

One was in an ashram in Kerela (naughty, I know!) we visited the local village in a tuk tuk, ate lunch with our hands off a leaf and then finished with lemon tea by the lake.

The second was at the 5* hotel I was staying at in Goa. He approached me and we ended up on an impromptu date that very evening. He ended up being one of my soulmates and is a big part of my life now (this is why you need to live with an open heart and mind ladies!)

I also went on a lychee martini fuelled date with a New York doctor in Vietnam (Hoi An). He wasn't for me though so I went to get a 30th birthday dress made instead!

4. I am scared of water

Crazy, right, as my heart-business is called SEASALT and I adore the sea and ocean. But I grew up by the sea, I saw her at her worst. Angry, uncontrollable, unpredictable; and so ever since I have always had a caution in my gut if it comes to my feet landing in her. Like a stunning lioness, it doesn't mean I can't admire her from a far.

5. I was given a copy of The Secret 10 years ago and gave it to charity

You want me to attract money into my life by thinking positively? What a load of crap! I know you are reading this possibly agreeing with me or thinking "Yeah, I had that first reaction too!". For those of you that aren't aware, The Secret is all about the law of attraction which, in it's most basic form, is giving out to the universe what you want to attract.

6. I choose to go to a co-ed school at the age of 10

This is when my own intuition starts to freak me out. At the age of 10 I had to choose which high school to go to and was super blessed that I had taken exams for the best schools in the town and got through to all three (my state run primary school was one of the worst in the country so I was super proud). Two were all girls school and one was co-ed and without thinking I went with my gut and choose co-ed. I knew, even at that silly young age, that I needed to be surround by masculine and feminine energy and that translates into the way I work today

7. I used to work on a farm

As a Marketing Manager! I don't think I would be very good at miking cows... Yes at the age of 25 I got a promotion at work (I was a marketer for a decade before SEASALT) and it was at a campus run on an old farm 14 miles out of the city centre. After a few years, I went from that job to working in Oxford Circus, London! I don't think you can get more extreme. I like extreme, it is good for strengthening the brain and teaching us about ourselves.

8. I am a moonchild

The 17th July is my birthday which makes me a Cancerian, also known as a moonchild. I have always felt a strong connection with the moon but only this year have started to work with her properly. The way she shares the sky with stars that have a thousand stories and swaps places with the masculine energy of the sun each evening. Pure magic.

9. I am a whole load of contradictions

My best subject in school was Maths, but my favourite was English. I dance to Disney songs in my room in the morning and build fences and decorate entire rooms in the afternoon,. I am scared of bottles with corks but will happily travel to India on my own. For my entire life I have embraced my masculine and femine equalyy, but never have I been so confident and comfortable with this combination as I am now.

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